Alex McGrath has made his debut as BARLCLAY’S with the release of the single “comatose.” The Louisville native and Fullbright scholar sometimes plays guitar alongside fellow Louisvillian Bad Mustache, but this marks the beginning of McGrath’s solo musical endeavors.

He described his inspiration for his debut single saying:

On my first watch of Terry Gilliam’s sci-fi film “12 Monkeys,” psychologist Dr. Kathryn Railly caught my attention when she described the “Cassandra complex”: a phenomenon, named after the Greek priestess, in which one accurately predicts the future but is never to be believed. That concept set in, and out came my debut single “comatose” in which I try to capture the dizzying anxiety of fast consumerism, social media, and the forces keeping them in place. I’m by no means Dr. Railly’s Cassandra, but “comatose” is at least an attempt at seeing the world through the eyes of the priestess.

Listen to “comatose,” the debut single from BARCLAY’S below.

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