Louisville musician George Carnes just released “Pardon You,” the lead single from his upcoming self-titled album. The song follows the release of his debut EP Rainbows Falling Over, and this time, Carnes opted for a more lush, psychedelic sound as compared to the intimate, guitar-driven EP.

Carnes says the song “started as an outro jam to another song and I kept recording different versions of it over the course of a year or so. The vocal was pretty much a freestyle, as was the guitar. The idea of the song was for it to be the “explosion” of sorts of the timid sounding song that precedes it, which I call “Pardon Me”. I was trying to capture some of the energy that comes from the music of Mac Miller and Led Zeppelin.”

Of the upcoming album, he shared,

“The album covers a lot of things that I suppose everyone faces, at least at some point. There’s a lot of truth and fiction mixed together. Throughout the album, there’s a common theme of generally being unsatisfied with where one is and not knowing where to go.

“At the end of the day though, it’s not that deep and I’m not trying to break any ground. These are just songs I liked and hope other people like. And hopefully they like them well enough that I can get a foot in the door and get something going with my career.”

George Carnes self-titled album is expected to be released in May. Listen to the single “Pardon You” below.

Otis is the late morning host on WFPK.