Lexington, KY. quartet Lylak put out a new song that was born from a panic attack by guitarist/vocalist Gideon Maki. Gideon explains:

“The song was inspired by a panic attack I had many years ago. I wasn’t sure what was happening but it reminded me of fevers I used to get when I was a kid; the ones where you almost start hallucinating. My roommate at the time was kind enough to take care of me in my confusion. When he asked me what I needed all I could think was to go on a drive. The panic attack finally broke when we got onto the interstate and I was able to turn my focus outward.

I was watching the show Westworld (HBO) a lot when I started working on the song and the idea of ‘loops’ was on my mind. There’s a dialogue in the show that compares human thought process to the programs engineered into the robots. I found the idea of focusing on a loop comforting in times of stress, even meditative.”

“Interstate Loops” will be part of a full length album the band is working on due this Fall/2022. The band also features Elizabeth Varnado (vocals/violin/guitar), Paul Varnado (bass/synths), and Zach Martin on percussion.

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