Louisville musician M. W. Hale shared a new single called “King of This Town,” a touching tribute to his late father. We first heard from Hale earlier this year with the release of his single “Hung The Moon.”

Of the new song, Hale shared:

“‘King of this Town’ is a song about my father, and how I viewed him as a kid in our small hometown. It goes on to tell about how he grew from working odds and ends, to building his own prominent business. My father passed away in the summer of 2018, and the song rounds out a lifelong circle of our love for John Prine.”

Hale recorded the new song on a Tascam PortaStudio 424 cassette recorder along with Chris Millett and Andrew Chapman before sending the tracks to be mastered at Valwood Studios in Lexington, KY.

Listen to M. W. Hale‘s new single “King of This Town” along with an alternate stripped-down version below.

Otis is the late morning host on WFPK.