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Moon Taxi guitarist Spencer Thomson hails from Bowling Green, Kentucky, so it’s no surprise he was deeply affected when a devastating tornado struck his hometown last December, telling Garden and Gun:

“The most affecting thing was just seeing pictures of streets I’ve been down hundreds of times, or buildings I’ve passed, that were wiped out or gone.”

After shaping his thoughts into lyrics, Thomson passed the song on to Moon Taxi keyboardist Wes Bailey, who worked on the music.

“Evergreen” really becomes something special with the addition of acclaimed singer and instrumentalist Molly Tuttle, who provides her beautiful vocals and distinctive guitar to the track.

“It’s mostly about the people of not only Bowling Green, but all of Kentucky,” Thomson told the magazine. “If it was a love letter to anything, it’s the spirit of the people there.”

Check out the lovely result with “Evergreen”…

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