LunaverSol, “Luna” for short, hails from Williamsburg, KY. originally but went to high school in Louisville and recently moved back here in January of 2022.  She recently released a beautiful new song called “2:22” which refers to a good time of night for stargazing and solitude. We asked her about the song and a little about herself. From Luna:

This song is about the feeling of fulfillment and joy we receive in one’s own presence & solitude with the awareness that we are so connected to, vessel, and are filled with the omnipresent Divine.
As the producer (Roman Lane) and I were creating the beat, the bright lo-fi sounds in the beginning of the song reminded me and gave me visualizations of myself on the roof at night; similar to how you see the cover art drawn. (Except for the bed, sometimes I will lay a pallet or foam mattress out on the roof but I’ve not brought a whole bed+frame..yet? Not a bad idea lol.) Before I rest for the night I’ll spend some time under the Sky & with the Moon. During the song’s composition, I was able to spend a lot of time in solitude but never felt alone; I felt at peace. For those who didn’t know me very well it raised the question, “you don’t get lonely?” The song 2:22 became somewhat of a response to those kinds of questions. I can be a social person and enjoy creating with others, networking, progressing and just spending good time from time to time but, I really appreciate being able to be alone (or spend time with loved ones) with this planet, Creator & Creation. Also, I’m aligned with a mission and that requires a certain amount of focus that I have prayed for, now that I have that focus, I have to take care of it. This song simply touches on why I spend time in sweet solitude and why it’s enjoyable and valuable for me.

Check out “2:22” and the artwork below.

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