In the Studio

The Darkness on Sex Robots, 80s Goth Rock, & Guitar Solos

Justin Hawkins of The Darkness sits down with Kyle Meredith to talk about Motorheart, an explosive new album from the British rock band. The lead singer tells us about making sure this wasn’t a pandemic record, the loss of mystique with direct access to artists, and writing as a character with disappointing relationships. In fact, its those relationships that finds the album’s narrator hooking up with a sex robot and singing about Jussy’s Girl, which is and isn’t a nod to the Rick Springfield song. Hawkins also takes us into the music and describes how he comes up with his guitar solos, leaning into 80s goth rock, and a bit of the backstories behind the bonus tracks.

Watch the interview above and then check out the videos below.

Kyle is the WFPK Music Director.