The title says it all on Louisville native Holly Montgomery‘s new album called Sorry For Nothing. “I’ve always made music on my own terms”, Montgomery says. “Now that message of unapologetic authenticity has become a core theme of my songwriting. Being yourself can be messy, but it’s also empowering. People connect with that.” Holly grew up in the Highview area of Louisville but has been based in Los Angeles, CA. for a long time now, playing with several bands, doing lots of solo gigs, and recently signed with KZZ Music. Her powerful new album reflects on her life, full of true stories, and that unapologetic authenticity mentioned above. She was also written up for her instrumental skills in Bass Player magazine. The two songs below illustrate her musical and lyrical prowess. There’s the rockin’ “I Got Damage” that has a great hook you’ll be singing all day once you hear it. Then check out the tender ballad “For My Son” chalk full of advice to a young man about to embark on his uncertain future.

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