Kyle Meredith

Music Director

Kyle Meredith: a nationally syndicated radio host for two decades, cut his teeth working records by Elliott Smith and Dave Matthews and is frequently named as a top five music director. His work has been published in Consequence of Sound, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spin, NME, Pitchfork and has written for and hosted series’ for NYLON, Paste, & Salon.

Judas Priest’s Rob Halford: “Music is fantasy. Music is escapism. It takes us away from the things in the world we want to forget about.”
Mike Doughty: “Soul Coughing was one of the most literally insane bands of all time.”
The Offspring: “The fun of making a new record is to not repeat ourselves, but still have our classic sound.”
Heart’s Ann Wilson: “The most power we ever have is when we’re unified.”
St. Vincent: “Sometimes to get the point across, you have to be incredibly self effacing.”
Hoobastank: “We got kicked out of a Deftones show for sneaking in underage. I snuck right back in.”
Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith: “Something about the blues just makes you feel good.”