Otis Junior


Otis Junior is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in Louisville, KY. Originally from La Grange, NC, Otis found a new home in Louisville when he was only 9 years old. While most of his youth was spent in various performing arts, it wasn’t until later that art became a viable career path. And now, a host on WFPK! After a few months spent flirting with the local open mic scene in 2015, Otis met the founding members of his band, The Jesse Lees, and one of his biggest collaborators, Dr. Dundiff. He and Dr. Dundiff have released multiple albums through German record label Jakarta Records, earning them international notoriety. Through much time spent immersing himself in the world of music, and collaborating with artists around the world and around the corner, Otis has solidified his profound passions for music and art. When he’s not writing, practicing, or playing, he’s looking for a new film to watch, or for a bit of nature to explore.

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