Cursive Talks Get Fixed: “I shouldn’t unfairly throw Linkin Park under the bus, but there’s these grown men who’s still writing about being mad at their dad.”
Bishop Briggs On Being a Champion: “If you don’t speak out, it can be from a place of ignorance.”
Neon Trees Talk Comeback & New Music: “My biggest hero growing up was Morrissey. My kind of party is feeling terrible about myself.”
Patrick Watson Talks Thom Yorke, David Lynch, Frank Ocean Influence On Wave: “Hip hop totally killed song form, in a great way.”
Cold War Kids on New Age Norms 1: “A song with a heavy-handed, narrow message can make an artist look more stupid than ever.”
Cigarettes After Sex Detail New LP, Cry: “I want to make records that are in kind of a one world, like Cocteau Twins.”